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“EcoGarden Compost with CONDIT Fertiliser for Gardens”

Unit of measurement: 20 L, 40 L

We prepare EcoGarden compost with CONDIT® organic fertiliser.

It is only possible to buy this compost at Liepkalnio 172, in Vilnius.

EcoGarden compost is ideal for gardens and greenhouses

EcoGarden compost is intended for growing a wide variety of vegetables outdoors and in greenhouses.

Use EcoGarden compost for the layout of the new beds, or for restoring the fertility of existing ones!

Due to its physical and chemical properties, EcoGarden compost activates and improves the development of soil microflora, positively affects seed germination, strengthens root system growth, ensures a good texture of the soil and the optimum composition of water and air.

EcoGarden compost provides support with the right amount of organic materials, and is an essential nutrient and energy source for the soil. Plants will easily absorb the nutrients present in the compost and the Condit® organic microbiological fertiliser, ensuring long-term soil microbiological activity.

EcoGarden compost has a dark colour. In the spring, darker layers of soil warm up more quickly, and start the vital processes of the microorganisms present in the compost, providing the first sources of nitrogen for the plants.

Most vegetables grow well when the soil is close to neutral, or slightly alkaline (pH 6.6 to 7.5).  For 1 m2, 10 to 12 litres of EcoGarden compost should be used.

The compost can be used prior to sowing the plant, or afterwards to season the surface of the soil.

  • Vegetable compost 45 %;
  • raised bog peat 55%;
  • ecological CONDIT® fertiliser with zeolite.
  • pH: 6.6-7.5


bio energy
bio energy
microbiological effect
microbiological effect
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