Apželdinimui 60 L

Composted Soil „FOR PLANTING“

Unit of measurement: 60 L

Composted soil „For planting“ is used for planting the trees, perennial bushes, flowers, forming the green areas and decorative grass-plots.

Use this soil mix to avoid:

  1. Over dried garden landscape
  2. Soil drifting
  3. Insufficient fertility
  4. Too much moisture after watering.

This is the 20 years Anniversary Product of our Company.

Soil „For planting“ is a fully prepared mix of composted soil, that doesn‘t need any additional fertilizing.


  • 50 % – plant compost
  • 25 % – sieved upland moor turf
  • 20 % – low decomposition level turf
  • 5% – special additives

Complex fertilizer of a long functionality.

H2O and O2 exchange
H2O andO2 exchange
temperature balance
temperature balance
long-term fertility
long-term fertility


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