senelioi 5 L


Unit of measurement: 5 L


  • Vegetable compost 30 %;
  • Composted mires peat 70 %.

“Grandfather’s Compost” is intended for the planting of ornamental plants and vegetables, and is suitable for indoor and open ground plants. It can also be used for soil improvement, by adding it to the roots of fruit trees and bushes. The good structure and moisture composition of “Grandfather’s Compost” ensures a supply of oxygen to the plants’ roots.

Plants in “Grandfather’s Compost” develop proportionally, forming a healthy root system and lush leaves. The plants will also bloom abundantly.

Chemical composition:

  • Total nitrogen (N) no less than 100 mg/kg;
  • Assimilation of phosphorus (P2O5) not less than 200 mg/kg;
  • Assimilation of potassium (K2O) not less than 400 mg/kg;
  • Calcium content (Ca) 150-300 mg/kg;
  • Acidity 5.5-7.5.
microbiological effect
microbiological effect







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