Unit of measurement: 16 L


Constantly growing needs of gardening lovers inspired us to manufacture  – “Universal compost soil with Perlite“ – a hot novelty on the market!
We combined a reliable, proven UNIVERSAL compost soil with perlite and got a great mixture of unique composition!
UNIVERSAL compost soil is also ideal for plants that are not characterized by any special needs, while perlite (thermally expanded sterile volcanic rocks) provides an additional opportunity to absorb and return the humidity and nutrients many times: it is particularly suitable, when the plant needs to be stimulated with liquid fertilizer. Perlite improves the soil and heat temperature characteristics: when the ambient temperature decreases, the soil does not cool off so quickly = less stressed plants! This is particularly relevant if you take your plants outside in the spring, while the day and night temperature differences are still significant.
In addition, Agro Perlite, which was used as an additive in the manufacture of “Universal compost soil mixture with Perlite”, is characterized by higher air permeability, coarser grains and permanent “release” of minerals required for the plant environment. Moreover, the porous structure is useful for exchange of water and other polar molecules. It is important for nutritive metabolic process of plants.


  • Vegetable compost – 50%,
  • Peat Moss – 40%,
  • Agroperlite – 10%,
  • NPK
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