Composted Soil for Lawns

Unit of measurement: 1 m3

“Composted Soil for Lawns” “is fertile due to the presence of compost. In addition, its possesses characteristics highly appreciated by professional gardeners: it is very easy to roll and pits will not appear over time. This is achieved by the use of inert binding substances.

Due to the physical and chemical properties of the “Composted Soil for Lawns”, better moisture retention is achieved in dry periods, but the soil also does not become waterlogged in abundant rain. This is because it allows for the formation of a rich and dense sod root system. Thanks to this kind of the soil, the lawn will be dense and resistant to trampling and over drying. The organic particles in the compost are constantly rotting, and release the nutrients needed by plants. Lawn fertilisation may be required less frequently, and therefore will be less expensive.


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