Condit universal

“CONDIT UNIVERSAL” Organic fertiliser

Unit of measurement: 5 kg, 10 kg

CONDIT® Universal

Long acting

Biologically active organic fertiliser

CONDIT® Universal restores the natural fertility of the soil.

CONDIT® Universal is produced using milk whey, organic substances, organic carbon and zeolite.

(50% of the zeolite volume consists of cavities, voids and channels, allowing for free access of water and other polar molecules, which is very important for the optimal metabolic processes of plant nutrients. Furthermore, zeolite is a great medium for the breeding of microorganisms, which help plants to absorb nutrients).

Due to its composition and characteristics, CONDIT® Universal fertiliser is suitable for organic food and bio-production, and complies with strict ecological requirements. CONDIT® Universal is composed of many protein-containing components that soil microorganisms decompose into easily absorbed nutrients. These substances are released into the soil slowly, and so prevent growth stress. CONDIT® Universal microorganisms activate the soil and return it to its natural fertility.

CONDIT® Universal persists in the soil for 12 months; it is environmentally friendly and suitable for organic farming.


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