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Composted Soil “FOR FLOWERS with CONDIT Fertiliser”

Unit of measurement: 20 L

Composted soil mix “FOR FLOWERS with CONDIT Fertiliser” –  for planting flowers, landscaping and flowerbeds

This is a Premium class composted soil mix, completely safe and ready to use for ornamental plants and flowering shrubs.

Microorganisms are found in the incompletely decomposed particles of the compost, and continually produce and release soluble nutrients into the environment, which feed the plant; the mix does not lose air permeability after watering, which allows it to hold moisture longer.

Due to its unique composition and CONDIT fertiliser, the “FOR FLOWERS with CONDIT Fertiliser”  can be used not only for planting flowers and ornamental plants, but also for the renewal of existing flowerbed soils. Simply top up the already existing soil with the Premium class “FOR FLOWERS with CONDIT Fertiliser”, or even better just mix the two soils together.


  • Vegetable compost 45 %;
  • raised bog peat 55%;
  • ecological CONDIT fertiliser with zeolite.
  • pH: 6.5-7.5


mikrobiological effect
mikrobiological effect
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