Condit decor

“CONDIT DECOR” Organic fertiliser

Unit of measurement: 1 kg (+200g)

Organic fertilizer of the new generation, the highest quality, in pellet form, with beneficial microorganisms.
CONDIT® Decor does not evolve unpleasant odour, so it can be used indoors.
CONDIT® Decor fertilizers stimulate the growth of plants, enhance the resistance to diseases. Leaves and flowers developed by the plants are larger and of richer colour.
CONDIT® Decor restores long-term soil fertility, creating a microbiological activity of the substrate, which improves the reclamation of nutrients present in fertilizers, as well as moisture balance.

Designed for the fertilization of decorative plants:
1. Conifers, roses, flowering and leafy shrubs, annual and perennial field flowers, as well as the plants grown in balconies and terraces.Fertilize in the spring, summer and autumn.
2. Flowering and leafy houseplants grown indoors and winter gardens. Can be fertilized throughout the year.



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