Komposto atsijos

Compost Screenings for Planting Shrubs and Trees (fraction 8 to 10 mm)

Unit of measurement: 1 m3

This is a special compost soil, which is obtained by the separation of compost fractions from 8 to 10 mm in diameter. It is composed of twigs, compost granules resulting from the sifting, small pebbles and other particles, all of which are particularly suitable for pouring into the planting pits of trees and shrubs. Due to its coarse structure, the plant roots will easily develop new and regrow damaged root systems. The compost provides plants with nutrients, and water will easily penetrate to the roots and surround them. Soluble amino acids released by the compost directly interact with the roots and speed up the ability of the plants’ roots to take in nutrients and restore normal functions. Plants will be under less stress, and find it easier to take root.


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